Alright! So I'm updating the main site a little late, but that's because I'm in the works of trying to establish a whole new homepage for Devil Gene R (I used Weebly because it seemed simple enough and at the time I didn't want to invest too much time into the site yet, and Weebly is a bit cumbersome to work with, no offense guys!)

So we launched a new Kickstarter Campaign that has been going very well so far, but we're still a long way from our goal and need everyone's help to get there! With just over 20 days left and less than $1000 to raise, I think we can do it!

There have also been more rumblings going on including a new demo, the search for vocal talent, and plans for funds should we exceed our goal, you can see them all here on this update! I really look forward to sharing my vision with everyone, so please continue to support the project as it dashes toward completion, and (upon success *crosses fingers*) look forward to ALOT more updates (and a new site) in the future!