Alright! So I'm updating the main site a little late, but that's because I'm in the works of trying to establish a whole new homepage for Devil Gene R (I used Weebly because it seemed simple enough and at the time I didn't want to invest too much time into the site yet, and Weebly is a bit cumbersome to work with, no offense guys!)

So we launched a new Kickstarter Campaign that has been going very well so far, but we're still a long way from our goal and need everyone's help to get there! With just over 20 days left and less than $1000 to raise, I think we can do it!

There have also been more rumblings going on including a new demo, the search for vocal talent, and plans for funds should we exceed our goal, you can see them all here on this update! I really look forward to sharing my vision with everyone, so please continue to support the project as it dashes toward completion, and (upon success *crosses fingers*) look forward to ALOT more updates (and a new site) in the future!

Recently our Lead Character Designer, Shadilyn, completed work on character sprites for 2 characters, Raven and Amy, so now work is being put in to advance the demo. Encounter a few programming issues but once we pass that hurdle it should be smooth sailing. This new demo will be alot more advance than the prototype we put out a few weeks ago, it will still essentially be a "Q&A" that focuses on educating you on the DGRverse but there are some interesting formats we want to try out.

Since this will be a proper representation of the project we're trying to get it as close to the idea of the final product as possible. Also we should be unveiling 2 more characters by the month's end, so look forward to that! And if you missed out on the prototype you can download it below:

"Prototype Gene" - [ Windows | Mac | Linux ]

First let me thank each and ever backer who supported our Kickstarter, you have no idea how grateful I am to you all, and I hope that in the future you will continue to support us. Thank You!

Today we're going to talk about the "Threads of Fate" (tentative) system for Devil Gene R, a concept of which is pictured above. Typically in visual novels the story is told from the perspective of a singular main character, and as such the player is limited to obtaining information for that one point. In DGR character interaction is very important, but not just how Raven, the lead character, interacts with the cast but also how the cast act toward each other.

Everyone has their own story, motivations, and drive, so it just didn't feel right forcing them to conform with one character's tale. So after some thought this "threads" system was thought up; each set of character portraits represent the start of a story. As you can see some portraits are conjoined together, this lets you know which characters will be the focal point for the specified thread you are on. Each black square represents an event sequence where the characters will interact among themselves and often times with others. Each event is tied by a string; red lets you know the events are connected and related, blue implies a crossing of strings which have no relation to each other.

From the diagram you can see that some threads share events, this means a major sequence is coming that can affect the current path you're on. A thread may become entangled with another, making a new path with a broader focus, but the reverse can also happen with threads coming undone.

The primary function of this system is to provide players with some freedom in how the enjoy the story, allowing you to witness events of your favorite characters at your leisure, possibly gaining insight in an interesting way.

Today we celebrate the birth of our super red-headed kunoichi Akage! As you can see from this image by KiaraMBL she's not used to receiving gifts, but please everyone give her some love today!

But today is also a joint celebration as Akage shares her birthday with our Lead Character Designer Shadilyn! Sadly at the moment Lyn's computer is out of commission but I hope she gets a chance to see this and know we're always thinking about her and appreciate all her hard work!

Best wishes and many more girls!

A last minute but still great submission by the man of hidden talent Arctus32. It seems his cake exchange with Akage didn't go quite as smooth...

With less than 14 days until our Kickstarter campaign runs out, things aren't looking great...but we'll keep on trucking until the very end! For now you can enjoy the images and profiles of newly added characters Gao Blackheart and Akage, you can also see expanded profiles for the rest of the cast as well.
The official website for Devil Gene R is now here, but as you can tell it's a bit barren (^^;) but hopefully it won't stay that way for long!

The main purpose of this site is to have a better structure of information for the project and have something that's easier to spread around to the public! This is far from it's completed version but it does have background information on the title's story and world, as well ass the currently revealed characters!

We will continue to update as we go along so please help us by spreading the word (and the cause by visiting our Kickstarter page)! More to come soon.